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29 March 2009 @ 08:07 pm

Title: Cooking, Cooking.
Pairing: Kangteuk
Genre: Love, Sex
Rating: PG- 13

Donned in a pink apron, complete with laces coming down the sides, Leeteuk was almost standing an awkward one meter away from the stove. The oil in the frying pan was sizzling and jumping, hungry for the fish dangling by its tail in Leeteuk’s hand.

Shit, I shouldn’t have even thought of this idea to cook,” the helpless and clueless man scolded himself.

After a miraculous successful attempt at letting the fish slide into the frying pan to be cooked, Leeteuk turned his attention somewhere else in the kitchen, where other dishes were also being cooked and left unattended. A strong smell of burnt rice and overcooked food clogged up his nostrils, and he immediately turned everything off.

Leeteuk stared at all the burnt food, and sighed in defeat.

“Now, Kangin is going to come home to burnt food and a helpless idiot.”

As though coincidence wanted Leeteuk to face his doom sooner, the fumbling of keys outside the house and the click of the door lock signaled Kangin’s return.

“Yah! Leeteukie hyung! Is dinner ready?” Kangin called out cheerfully, as he entered the house.

Leeteuk didn’t dare step out of the kitchen – he could already imagine Kangin kungfu-throwing him all around the house once he told the latter about the burnt food.

Instead, the man, still donned in the ridiculous pink apron, peeped out from behind the kitchen wall and said, “Kangin! I’m in the kitchen! But there’s something I have to tell you…”

“What is it?”

“The…the food is all burnt.” Leeteuk’s voice was full of defeat, as he revealed the results of his first attempt at cooking a full meal.

But his dongsaeng didn’t mind that he returned home to burnt food, at all, as he saw his hyung dressed up in a cute pink apron, hair all messy as perspiration ran down his neck and disappearing into his now-almost-translucent white shirt.

A sense of longing and passion took over Kangin as he pushed his hyung into the kitchen. Leeteuk was shocked, as he stood trapped between Kangin and the table behind him.

Kangin pushed away everything on the table, causing them all to fall onto the floor, some breaking into a million pieces while others clanged loudly as it hit the floor. But Kangin didn’t care about the noise. He pinned Leeteuk down onto the table.

“K..Kangin, what are you trying t..to do? Look at all the shards of broken porcelain on the floor!” Leeteuk made a failed attempt to divert Kangin’s attention somewhere else as he tried to push him away.

“At least they’ll make sure that you won’t be able to escape from me, now.”

Kangin loosened the knot behind the apron and raped his hyung, baring white, flawless flesh. The latter was fighting hard, but Kangin could tell that he wasn’t giving his fullest to resist Kangin’s advance, as though he wanted more.

This feeling allowed Kangin to be deaf to all his hyung’s pleas to let him off, as he placed his hands firmly on Leeteuk’s non-existing pelvis, touching the soft skin, like of that of an angel’s. Kangin then slid his erection into Leeteuk’s entrance and the older man let out a long, passionate moan as Kangin went in deeper.

A few more times of the same repeated action, picking up speed once in a while when Kangin gathered up all his energy for a boost.

After what seemed like a mere few minutes of pleasurable sex for Kangin and forever of never-ending moans for Leeteuk, Kangin’s stamina allowed him to only go that far and he let Leeteuk off. White sticky substance leaked from Kangin’s erection and Leeteuk’s entrance, and Kangin scooped it up with his index finger, then licking it like a child with a lollipop, while Leeteuk just laid there, gasping for breath after being raped.

“Hyung, I’m full already.”

“Full? From what! Raping me?!”

“From raping you, fucking you, and making sure that you’ll be my perfectly flawless angel for life.”

millieruicimillieruici on March 30th, 2009 11:47 am (UTC)

“Hyung, I’m full already.”

“Full? From what! Raping me?!”

you are a genius. :D