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04 March 2009 @ 08:59 pm
Ah ~  
I'm sorry I haven't been updating ~ I've been really busy with school stuffs and all ):
Anyways, the request thing is still open, so you all can still comment !

And, just to entertain (hopefully) you, here's just this short poem I thought of by myself when I was dozing off in chinese tuition class:

I guess it wasn't as spectacular,
As I dreamt it to be.

There was no connection,
none like static electricty.

That was when I realised,
The fire dying in your eyes;
That what you said were nothing,

Nothing more than lies.

IS IT NICE, FELLOW MEMBERS? :/ Anyways, I'm so anticipating Super Junior's 3Jib ~ -fangirls-
Current Mood: complacentawaiting.