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28 February 2009 @ 02:57 pm

Title: Hottug! (requested) [info]millieruici
Pairing: Eunteuk
Genre: Comedy
Rating: General

“Goodnight! Thank you all for the hard work today!” Leeteuk waved and called out to the staff as he and Eunhyuk left the radio station.

“Yah, hyung,” Eunhyuk said, rubbing his stomach in circular motions, “all that talk about hot dog…It’s making me hungry!”

Leeteuk glanced at his dongsaeng’s stomach and back up at his face, then smiled and replied softly, “then let’s go and have that for supper, now!”

Both of them walked down a few blocks, and when they turned round a bend, they found themselves right outside the building where they both stayed, and there was the familiar push-cart with the same old uncle selling hot dogs.

“Yah, good night, uncle! Two hot dogs, please!” Leeteuk greeted the old man cheerily, as though he was an old friend. Almost immediately, two sausages appeared right in front of the two young men, and they each took their own.

“Ah, hot!” Eunhyuk gasped, has he slightly jumped backwards.

”Hahah, silly! Don’t be greedy; eat it slowly!”

As they were once again on their way up to the dormitory and eating their hot dogs, Eunhyuk suddenly stopped in his tracks and looked straight at the half eaten sausage that he held tightly in his hand.

“Hyukkie,” Leeteuk turned around, puzzled by the sudden halt of Eunhyuk, “what’s up?”

“Hyung,” Eunhyuk’s eyes were becoming cross-eyed from staring so hard at the sausage, “look at this.”

The younger man loosened his grip on the sausage slightly, then began to shake it gently, left and right, till it wobbled like jelly.

“It’s wiggling!” Eunhyuk grinned sheepishly, his voice suddenly of that of a three year old boy being so fascinated with a new toy.

”This reminds me of episode three! Of The Naughty Nurse!”

“Eunhyuk ah, what the hell? All that yadong has gotten into your head!” Leeteuk couldn’t help but feel amused, as he tried to grab hold of the wiggling sausage.

“Uh oh…” Eunhyuk’s expression changed; the sausage in his hand had also stopped moving so suggestively.

He gestured Leeteuk towards the lower half of his body, and the latter had no choice but to follow the path, only to see a growing bulge in Eunhyuk’s jeans.

“Eunhyuk ah, we have to buy you some tighter underwear."

millieruicimillieruici on February 28th, 2009 07:12 am (UTC)
“Eunhyuk ah, we have to buy you some tighter underwear."

jasmine, lets make a chapter 2 with smut. HAHA.