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25 February 2009 @ 09:39 pm

Title: This is my song to you.
Characters: Leeteuk, Kangin, Siwon.
Genre: Love
Rating: General

There was it again, on the headlines of the school newspaper. His picture had been blown up and printed onto the front page, underlining the bold words that bore, “Musician of the Year”.


“He’s just another fake.”
”Yeah, I heard his parents had pulled some strings.”


Whispers grew behind him as he read the words reporting about his nomination. The conversations were soft, but loud enough for him to hear. Bear with it. Just bear with it.




“Hi, hyung! Congratulations on your title for the third consecutive year!”


Leeteuk turned around, only to see a boy his age standing behind him, smiling enthusiastically. The former didn’t know how to respond to the greeting, though, as the strange boy was the first person in the whole school to congratulate him. And probably the only person to do so. The tired man just grinned sheepishly and muttered a “thanks” before turning around once again.



Kangin felt a strong arm wrapping itself around him, coiling around him like a snake. Then, suddenly everything turned pitch black. Next thing he knew was that he was being violently dragged into a vacant classroom.


“Guess who?” a low voice sounded out.

“Let…let me go! Who are you!” Kangin shouted, trying to break free.

“’Saw you with your little boyfriend just now. Tell me, what did he do to achieve that title?” the same voice demanded an answer.


So, this was what he was after.


“He did nothing shameful. I swear on my soul.”


Furious that he didn’t get the answer that he wanted, Siwon raised his right hand, about to slap the daring little bastard hard across the face when…


“Don’t. You. Dare.”


Siwon’s hand stayed raised in the air, with only his head cocking up slightly to see who the intruder was, as the classroom door swung open on its hinges.


“Yah, well well, look who we have here. It’s your little boyfriend, Kangin.” Siwon was standing at full height now, leaving Kangin hidden behind him, in the darkness of his shadow.


“Let him go.” Leeteuk’s voice sounded cold but there was the presence of a fire burning inside at the same time. It was in total contrast with the beautiful voice that left his lips whenever he sang.


“Don’t you think. A senior bullying a junior just because he didn’t give him the information he wanted, information that never even existed is such a cowardly and stupid thing to do?”


Siwon walked up to Leeteuk slowly, towering over him and threatened, “you had better watch out,” before brushing hard against the fragile boy’s shoulders, and exiting the classroom.


“So, your name is Kangin. Are you alright?”


“Ye...yes! I’m sorry, but I’ve got to go now!” Kangin kept his head down, to avoid all possible eye contact with Leeteuk as he ran out of the classroom, leaving Leeteuk alone inside.



That boy, he sounded so sure. He trusted me, he trusted that my talent was for real. He swore on his soul…but who am I to him?


Scenes with that single unpleasant encounter with Siwon interrogating Kangin kept flashing across Leeteuk’s mind as he thought about what Kangin had said.




Kangin found himself a secluded corner at the back of the school building, sat down and excitedly opened the cover of his lunchbox, revealing its contents.

”Wow, umma has such great ideas to decorate my lunch for me!”


Just as the boy was about to gorge himself with all the tempting food in that single container, there was a loud awkward cough and Kangin looked up.


“Erm…may I sit down?” Leeteuk began.


“Mmm,” Kangin could only manage that single sound, which he then scolded himself in his mind for actually achieving to appear so stupid in front of Leeteuk.


“Why did you say that to Siwon, and with so much confidence?” Leeteuk fiddled with his fingers, suddenly so interested in the wrinkles that they made when he bent and then straightened them.


Kangin felt his heart beat faster, but he managed to keep his composure, “because I’m a fan of your music. I trust it. I believe; I know that what you have is pure talent…and, I trust you.”




And, I trust you.

I trust you…trust you…trust…you…


That was the first time in Leeteuk’s life that he had heard those words that were actually meant for him. And, that made him wonder even more.


After his brief conversation with Kangin, Leeteuk had developed this urge to see him every now and then, and whenever he was walking in the hallway, he would try his best to catch a glimpse of him. It was almost as though he was in love.




End of chapter one, omg. I totally have no idea on what’s going to happen next! D:


I got the inspiration of this story from a manga short-story I recently read, and I twisted it a little bit. Kinda. Anyways, hope you guys liked it!


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millieruicimillieruici on February 25th, 2009 01:55 pm (UTC)

”Wow, umma has such great ideas to decorate my lunch for me!”

why is kangin so cute?!?!?! OMG.

WOOHOO, musicians of the year.
OMG, super gorgeous.